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UNIT 2 - On Display
Unit 2 - Test
Unit 3 - Sending Mail
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Unit 7 - Fear
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Exercise 2 – Listen & Read

Listen to the following dialogue. Then answer the comprehension questions that follow.

Carol: Hang on, Kevin! Mommy & daddy are coming to save you!
Bob: Are you sure the tiger cage was this way?
Carol: Yes, trust me. I remember it was next to the endangered western gorilla and the jaguar.
Bob: Gorilla? Jaguar? Fangs? Claws? Oh my gosh! Our missing son could be in real danger. How can he possibly survive?
Carol: Maybe up close, these animals aren’t so dangerous?
Both: KEVIN!!!!
Bob: Wait. That sign says this road is off-limits. What do we do now?
Carol: We keep going. And if anybody stops us, we just lie and say we’re on a safari.
Bob: Safari? Who’s going to believe we’re on a safari at a zoo?
Carol: I don’t know, but probably most of the population has never been on a safari. So how would they know we’re not?
Bob: Hmmm. Ok, we’ll go with it. Wait. Look.
Carol: Where?
Bob: There, under that bush in the garden. Is that….?
Carol: Kevin? Is he sleeping? Yes. Whew! Let’s get him and go home.
Bob: But let’s do it quietly. He can be a bit of a bear when he first wakes up.