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Unit 2 - Test
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Exercise 2 – Read and Listen

Listen to the first dialogue and read along. When you are finished, read the dialogue out loud.

Rashanda: Man, am I glad this week is over. I had a big project with a deadline today. Luckily, I just finished!
Stu: Congratulations!
Rashanda: Thanks. Now I’m ready to unwind. Want to grab a beer after work?
Stu: Thanks for asking, but I’m actually going to a spa.
Rashanda: Oh yeah? What brought this on?
Stu: My friend, Tess, gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. She says I’ve been too stressed lately.
Rashanda: Spas are pleasant, but doesn’t it stress men out when they can only wear their underwear?
Stu: Geez, Rashanda. It’s not like they make you stand around naked. As a
courtesy they lend you a robe to wear.
Rashanda: Okay, but do you have to go tonight? I really want a beer to relax.
Stu: Sorry, but the certificate expires tomorrow. And to tell you the truth, I think my friend’s right; I have been stressed. Some nice music, candles and a massage could really be the cure I need.
Rashanda: What time are you going in?
Stu: Well, my massage appointment is at 7:30.
Rashanda: Perfect! We can grab a beer first, and then you can go to the spa.
Stu: Don’t have time. I’m going in a little early to just sit, drink some tea & relax first.

Rashanda: A quiet spa does sound better than a loud bar. Maybe I’ll try something relaxing tonight, too.
Stu: You should. What will you do?
Rashanda: I think I’ll go home, drink a cold beer and fall asleep watching golf on TV. Have a nice weekend.
Stu: You, too. See ya Monday.