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Exercise 4 – Term Building with Synonyms

Replace the bolded words or expressions with another one we’ve learned this week. Not all words will be used. Listen to the recording to check your answers.

brought oncourtesycure expiredgraduallyinterrupting
massagenakedpleasantstallingunwindwork out
  1. A: Tonight is such a nice ______ evening. Want to go for a walk?
    B: Yes, please.
  2. A: You look sick. Are you okay?
    B: Not really. I think I have a cold caused ______ by being around a lot of kids yesterday.
  3. A: Whew! This milks smell really bad. Taste it and tell me what you think.
    B: No way! It ended ______ a week ago!
  4. A: Quit delaying ______ and let’s go!
    B: Uh…ok. Just 10 more minutes. I have to uh… uh… wash my… cat.
  5. A: You go ahead and go out tonight with your friends. I’m staying home to relax ______ .
    B: It’s okay. I can stay in, too. I’m a little tired myself.
  6. A: How was the trip to Hawaii?
    B: Perfect! It was exactly the fix ______ I needed for the winter sadness I had.
  7. A: I am enjoying this movie!
    B: I am too, but quit stopping ______ it to check your phone messages.
  8. A: Why didn’t you like that restaurant?
    B: As a nicety ______, they should have offered us water when we sat down.
  9. A: It’s 6:30AM. Ready to exercise ______?
    B: Now? No. Go away and let me sleep.
  10. A: Easy, buddy. You want to slowly ______ train your dog. She can’t learn
    everything all at once.
    B: Ok. I’ll try to be more patient with her.