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Exercise 3 – Listen and Read – E-Lingo
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Exercise 3 – Listen and Read

Listen to the dialogue and read along.

GUARD: Ma’am? Ma’am! Are you okay?
MEGAN: What happened?
GUARD: You fell backwards over a bench here at the museum’s Greece exhibition.
MEGAN: I did? Did I break anything?
GUARD: Yes, but luckily nothing too delicate or priceless.
MEGAN: Then what did I break?
GUARD: You broke your phone. You fell backwards over the bench. Maybe your book bag might be too heavy. Perhaps you should store it at the front desk.
MEGAN: Okay. Good idea.
GUARD: And one last thing — were you trying to take a picture?

MEGAN: Uh, I uh, well…. the thing is, um… Yes, I was.
GUARD: The signs and the audio tour should have warned you against taking pictures.
MEGAN: They did. I’m sorry.
GUARD: Ok. Please understand that while the statue is on loan during this exhibition’s run, I am very loyal to my job and have to take my duties to guard it very seriously.
MEGAN: Okay, and thank you again for your help. I promise to be more careful.