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Exercise 2 – Listen & Reading Comprehension

Listen and read along with the following monologue.

Hello, everybody. My name is Regina. And I’m very surprised to be here. You see, I used to be terrified of public speaking. The thought of standing in front of a number of people and talking to you all… Well, I would have been too petrified to say anything! In fact, a lot of things used to scare me. I washed my hands all the time because I was afraid of germs. I became afraid of the water for fear I might drown… and I was even a pretty good swimmer!
Starting when I was a teenager, things just seemed to get out of control. I thought about going to therapy to get some help. Maybe just talking to somebody was a solution. But then a small miracle happened: a friend introduced me to golf. Now, if you haven’t played golf before, I recommend you take up the sport for a simple reason: it’s one of the hardest things
you’ll ever love doing! It was healthy for me because it made me comfortable with failure.
I was really bad at golf. I lost balls all the time. In a sport where the lowest score wins, mine was always double everybody else’s. But it was fun and exactly what I needed. I learned that I wasn’t scared of things; I was scared that I couldn’t control them. I had to let go of the need to control everything and let myself fail once in a while. Or if you play golf like I do, then you’ll fail a lot! (laughter) Nobody tries to fail. Most everything we do has a goal for doing it: get the ball in the hole; swim across to the other side of the pool; finish something that we started. But we have to accept that occasionally, failure will happen. Otherwise, we’ll never get over the hurdles to success. And when failure does happen, it won’t kill us.
There’s a quote that I love: “We learn from failure, not from success.” And that’s what gave me the confidence to stand here today. I had to beat the fear of speaking in front of you. And if I can do this and keep playing golf, even though I still suck at it, then you can too! Hopefully, I’ve encouraged you to try to beat whatever you might fear. Thanks for listening,
and good luck.