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Unit 1 - Test
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Unit 2 - Test
Unit 3 - Sending Mail
Unit 3 Test
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Exercise 1 – Listen and Read

Listen to the dialogue and read along. Pay attention to the words in the box and how they are used in the dialogue. Then, answer the questions that follow.

Yuri: Whoa, whoa! Haruto. Where are you running to so fast?
Haruto: Sorry, Yuri. Can’t talk. I’m in a hurry to mail a package to my mom.
Yuri: What are you doing that for?
Haruto: It’s a package for her birthday. It’s in two days, and the post office’s cut off for shipments is in 15 minutes!
Yuri: Two days? Oooh. I hate to tell you this, but your shipment is probably not going to get there in time.
Haruto: Huh? But it has to. What if I send it by air?
Yuri: Again, I hate to tell you, but most carriers ship by plane anyways these days.
Haruto: What if I pay for extra postage and send it overnight?
Yuri: Hate to be the one to tell you, but I don’t think overnight service is an option for you. Is your label addressed correctly?
Haruto: I think so. I double-checked the zip code. And although I’m not sure it’s required, I even listed the contents of the box in case the post office needs to know. See?
Yuri: Yes, looks good. But, wait! It says” N-V”. What’s N-V?
Haruto: That’s the abbreviation for the state of Nevada.
Yuri: Nevada? Not Japan, huh?
Haruto: Yeah, I hate to tell you, but even Japanese women turning 70 years old want to have a crazy Las Vegas birthday party they’ll never forget.
Yuri: Haha! Ok… GO! You’ve got a package to mail.