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Exercise 1 – Listen & Read

Directions: Listen and read along with the following dialogue. Pay attention to the bolded words and expressions.

Son: Come in… Hi, mom.
Mother: You doing okay? Not getting cold feet about getting married, are you?
Son: A little. Am I doing the right thing? This is it! I mean, did you know dad was “the one” for you?
Mother: I didn’t. And that’s the thrill of marriage. I knew I loved him, and I knew that I thought about him all the time. I knew exactly how he felt about me, but I had questions about my own feelings until the very last moment. And then…
Son: And then what?
Mother: I knew that I had to trust myself. I could have made lots of stupid excuses like, the in-laws didn’t like me, or that we couldn’t afford the florist I wanted, or that my dress was too big. But in the end, I knew that between letting him go or living with him forever, I really wanted the second choice.
Son: Well, I’m glad you guys did.
Mother: Me, too. If we hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be looking at this handsome groom who’s about to stand in front of a chapel full of relatives and friends who support him as he begins a new life with his lovely bride.
Son: Was dad nervous on his wedding day?
Mother: Are you kidding me? He was so nervous he had to loosen his tuxedo so he could breathe! The minister made his best man stand behind him in case he passed out!
Son: Haha! Uhh, I miss him.
Mother: Me too. But his spirit is always with us.
Son: Well, hopefully not on my honeymoon!
Mother: Haha! Hopefully not. What do you say? Ready to go get married?
Son: Sure, mom. Thanks for the talk. I’m ready.