Unit 1- To Your Health
Unit 1 - Test
UNIT 2 - On Display
Unit 2 - Test
Unit 3 - Sending Mail
Unit 3 Test
Unit 4 - American Folk Art
Unit 4 - Test
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Unit 6 - Test
Unit 7 - Fear
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Exercise 2 – Listen & Read

Listen to the dialogue and read along. Pay attention to the new vocabulary that has been bolded.

Robin: Come on, Trey. Just one more. Push! Push!
Trey: Grrrr! Ahhhh. Please. Don’t make me lift any more weights.
Robin: Don’t worry. You’re doing great. Only two more sets of 10, and you’ll be finished.
Trey: Two more?! I don’t think I can even lift one more.
Robin: Okay. Let’s take a break. Where’s your water?
Trey: It’s in my locker.
Robin: Well, that’s part of your problem. You’re not hydrating enough while working out.
Trey: Ha! Right. All the water in the sea won’t help me.
Robin: Water gives you energy.
Trey: A large coffee would be better.
Robin: Keep working out, and you’ll start having more energy naturally.
Trey: Are we almost done?
Robin: Almost.
Trey: I have an idea. Let’s double the weight to finish faster.
Robin: That’s an awful idea. Too much too fast and you’ll strain yourself. As your trainer, I’ll gradually and safely add more weight. I also suggest you drink health shakes. They come in a powder, and you can mix them with juice, milk or water. It will give you things your body needs to grow muscle.
Trey: Muscle powder? Great. I’ll drink a lot of that.

Robin: Be careful. Drinking too much plus not working out will just make you fat. Exercising correctly and eating properly is the answer. Ok, break’s over. Let’s start again.
Trey: As my trainer, do you think that’s a good idea? I’m tired, I’m sweaty and this place might close in a couple hours.
Robin: Trey. Quit stalling. We have time. C’mon. You don’t pay me to be nice. Lift.
Trey: I’m serious. I was happy before just riding the bike. And I was good at riding it. It was fun and I…
Robin: Sorry to interrupt your sad story, but I’m here to help you increase your strength. Only weights can do that. I promise — You’ll thank me later.
Trey: (Sigh) Fine. But a cup of coffee sure would be nice…
Robin: Treeeey!
Trey: I’m stalling. I know. Okay, let’s start.