Parts of Speech
Unit 1 Simple Present Tense
Unit 2 Simple Past
Unit 3 Progressive Verb Tenses
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Read the passage and find 17 examples of can.

Hello, I’m Thiago. There are many things I can do, but there are also many things I can’t do. I can cook and draw pictures well, but I cannot use chopsticks or write with my left hand. I’m researching some people and animals. They can do some amazing things. Here is some information I found about special abilities people and animals have:

There is a dog named Chaser. She knows over 1,000 vocabulary words! Chaser can’t talk, but she can understand the words. Her owner gives Chaser instructions, for example, “Put the small blue ball in the green box,” and Chaser can do it. This is an amazing ability! I read online that 3-year-old children can remember about 1,000 vocabulary words – about the same as Chaser. Chaser is the smartest dog in the world!

A 35 year-old German man named Tom Sietas can hold his breath underwater for 22 minutes! He has very powerful lungs. He can swim very far, and he doesn’t need air for a long time. He is the only person in the world that can hold his or her breath this long. I can’t hold my breath underwater for more than 30 seconds! Maybe if I practice, I will be able to hold my breath for a minute.

Timothy Doner is an American teenager who can speak 23 different languages! He can speak Asian, European, African and Middle Eastern languages. He studies for many hours everyday. He practices speaking the different languages with people from different countries. You can watch videos of him on YouTube. I can only speak Portuguese, English, and a little Spanish.

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