Parts of Speech
Unit 1 Simple Present Tense
Unit 2 Simple Past
Unit 3 Progressive Verb Tenses
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1. True or False – Could

Carefully read the passage again. Then do the exercise that follows

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Thiago here again! I asked my classmates what they could do when they were children and what they can do now that they are adults. Here is what they told me:

Amelia: “When I was young, I couldn’t drink alcohol. But now I am 21 years old, so I can drink beer in bars and nightclubs. I couldn’t stay out late when I was young because my parents didn’t allow me to. Now I live in my own apartment, and I can do whatever I want to do.

Viktor: “When I was a child, I couldn’t swim. I was scared of the water. I couldn’t even go near a pool. But when I was in high school, my family moved near the ocean and I learned how to swim. Now I can swim very fast.”

Eduardo: “I could run for many kilometers when I was a child and not get tired. I could run faster than all of my friends. Now I’m older and don’t like to exercise, so I can’t run very far or very fast.”

Sun-Hee: “I could speak French when I was younger. I studied it for many years in school. Now I can only remember a few words, so I can’t speak French anymore. I need to practice and study it again so I can go to France and speak to French people.”

In the next exercise choose true or false for each statement about the reading passage.

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