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need/have + noun/to verb

When used with nouns, “need” and “have” mean different things.

Need” + noun means you don’t have something, but it is important to have it. Example: I need some new shoes. (I don’t have new shoes, so I need them)
Have” + noun means you own or must do something. Example: I have work in the AM. (I have a job)

ButNeed to” + verb and “have to” + verb mean the same thing.
Examples: I need to be at school in 20 minutes. (This could also be “I have to be at school in 20 minutes.”)
I have to turn in my visa application. (This could also be “I need to turn in my visa application.”)

Listen to the following dialogues. Does the speaking use “need”/”have”/”need to”/”have to” ?

Negative form: We make all of the above forms negative by putting “do not” or “don’t” before the verb.

Today is my first day of class. I don’t have a book.
I am not in this class. I don’t need a book.
I am not in this class. I don’t need to buy a book. OR I don’t have to buy a book.

Read the following sentences & place need, have, need to or have to in the space.

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