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UNIT 1: Nice to Meet You
Unit 2: On Time
Unit 3: Illnesses and Injuries
Unit 4: 1-3 Review
Unit 5: Shopping and Clothing
Unit 6: Getting Around Town
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Unit 3 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • Different ways we feel sick
  • How to talk about what is hurting
  • What we can do to feel better

We also learned new vocabulary, heard dialogues that involve illnesses and injuries , and practiced pronunciation.

Take a Shot: Think About It

Have you had a medical shot before? When did you get it? What did you get it for? Did it hurt?

Cast Away: In Your Experience…

Short leg cast Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock
Draw this image in your notebook and decorate it! In American culture, we love to decorate our casts…

Listening Practice 1 Review

Listen to the following sentences. Listen again and fill in the blanks with one of the terms or expressions you learned in this unit.

Listen to the dialogue and answer the true and false questions:

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