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UNIT 1: Nice to Meet You
Unit 2: On Time
Unit 3: Illnesses and Injuries
Unit 4: 1-3 Review
Unit 5: Shopping and Clothing
Unit 6: Getting Around Town
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Unit 2 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • How to discuss different parts of the day
  • How to make appointments
  • How we can compare time in our home countries

We also learned new vocabulary, heard dialogues that involve meeting up and talking over the phone, and practiced pronunciation.

Time Tables: What Time is It?

Consider the following terms: AM and PM, early and late, wake up. When we talk about time, we can compare Los Angeles time (Pacific Standard Time) to our home country’s time. Write down your responses in your notebook.

For example:

  1. In Tokyo, it is 6:56 AM.
  2. In 34 minutes, it will be 3:30 PM in Los Angeles and 7:30 AM in Tokyo.
  3. I woke up at 7:30 AM in the morning, got to school at 8:15 AM, and left at 3:45 PM.

Listening to Nancy’s Needs

Listen to the things Nancy needs. Write down the words she includes.


Take out your notebook. Listen to the following five sentences that will be dictated to you. You will hear each sentence 3 times. Write down what your hear. Pay attention to capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

*Click on “Next >” at the bottom left of the page to check what Nancy needs…