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UNIT 1: Nice to Meet You
Unit 2: On Time
Unit 3: Illnesses and Injuries
Unit 4: 1-3 Review
Unit 5: Shopping and Clothing
Unit 6: Getting Around Town
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Unit 5 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating about shopping and clothing:

  • Different items of clothing
  • What we can discuss when we are in a store: how clothes fit, how much money needed to buy clothes, outfit styles

We also learned the meanings of “let’s”, heard dialogues that involve talking to store clerks, and practiced pronunciation.

List and Draw

What are you wearing right now? Make a list using terms and expressions. Draw a picture of each piece of your clothing. Then, label them!


What’s your favorite store? Imagine visiting the store and wanting to find an outfit for a party. What could a conversation with a clerk sound like? Use terms and expressions from your notebook and create a mini dialogue. Here’s an example:

Clerk: Welcome to Old Navy! How can I help you?

Me: Hello, I have a party to go to tonight. I want to buy a dress.

Clerk: Well, we have a sale today. You can get two dresses for $20 dollars. Why don’t you try on a few outfits? What size are you?

Me: I am size small. But I have gained some weight. So a small dress might be too tight.

Clerk: Ok, I will give you medium sizes. I hope they fit!

What’s Good with What


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