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UNIT 1: Nice to Meet You
Unit 2: On Time
Unit 3: Illnesses and Injuries
Unit 4: 1-3 Review
Unit 5: Shopping and Clothing
Unit 6: Getting Around Town
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Expressions for Time

Idioms are phrases that have different meanings than what is written. Here are some important ones to learn:

  • A quarter after: 15 minutes after ___ o’clock. For example, a quarter after 4 is 4:15
  • A quarter to: 15 minutes before ____ o’clock. For example, a quarter to 4 is 3:45
  • In __ minutes: A number of minutes until the time. For example, if you tell someone at 3:40 PM that you will be at the cafe in 10 minutes, you will arrive at 3:50 PM.
  • On time: you have arrived at the moment you plans. Not early and not late…
  • Be up: you are awake. If you are study every night at 11 PM, you like to be up late.
  • Go over to: visit a friend or family. If a cousin asks you to join for a birthday dinner, you go over to his place to celebrate!
  • Invite: to ask someone/people to come over. You can invite a friend to a party or be invited to a party. You can also get an invitation to a party–through email, text, on the phone, or in the mail.
  • Join: to be together
  • Hurry: to move fast to get somewhere or finish something. You can hurry to get to work on time. You can hurry to finish baking a cake before a party.