Vocabulary Review

Review the following vocabulary words :

Please make this fill in the blank , spell you self interactive quiz


Firemen are very brave people. They save people’s lives every day.

I hate taking tests! I am always nervous before them.

Our teacher is very strict. She makes us do everything right.

It is very practical, to have a car in Los Angeles because the bus and subway are not very good.

I couldn’t understand the teacher, so she used gestures , and then I got it.

In the US it is common to give a waiter a tip (some money) if he serves your food.

Why is John walking backward? He might hit the wall if he’s not looking.

It was a big challenge to study for the university entrance exam in three months, but Sam did it!

We can communicate with our voices and our bodies.

I am not a good soccer player, but I practiced every day, and I improved a lot this year.