Unit 2 - Travel
Unit 3 - Money ,Money, Money
Unit 4 Eating Out
Unit 5 Reaching Beyond One’s Limits
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Vocabulary Review & Practice in Context

Review the vocabulary words and their definitions. Then do the exercise that follows.

impacta great effect
volatileexplosive (as in a situation)
voluntarilyby choice
prejudiceunfair judgement or opinion before facts are known
segregationforced separation
philosophybeliefs; general way of thinking
civil rightsthe rights of the people in a country
public eyepublic attention or notice
to budgeto move physically from a stopped position
violationdisobedience of a rule
to boycottto stop using something in protest
unifiedtogether or united
means of method or way
unconstitutionalagainst the law of a country
assasinatedkilled on purpose (usually a famous person)