Vocabulary in Context

Fill in the blanks. Use each word only one time.

  1. It is nice when there are Christmas _____________ in the windows of department stores. When I see them, I feel like a child again.
  2. _____________ can work to take care of the Earth.
  3. Bill will _____________ the problem by telling everyone he knows about it.
  4. Please put the trash in the _____________ can.
  5. Min fell down and _____________ his arm yesterday. I hope he’s ok.
  6. If you throw garbage in the ocean, you will _____________ our drinking water.
  7. I will _____________ the test, but I didn’t study last night, so I will probably fail.
  8. Brad Pitt is a big movie _____________.
  9. The _____________ is made up of land and water and air. Keep it clean!
  10. Costco is a big store that sells _____________ from all over the world.

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