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Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
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Terms and Expressions

Write the following terms and expressions in your notebook.

  1. a big deal (noun) something that is very special
  2. stain (noun) a spot left on something that is hard to remove
  3. come out (verb) to leave by cleaning, usually from clothes or fabric
  4. mean to (verb) to want or plan to do something
  5. rip (noun) a tear or cut in something (usually cloth or paper)
  6. What were you thinking? (idiom) A question to find out why somebody did something you feel is strange or wrong
  7. ruin (verb) to damage something so it cannot be used
  8. grease (noun) the liquid fat from meat
  9. mood (idiom) the way you feel (good or bad, positive or negative) about things right now.
  10. apologize (verb) to say you are sorry for something you did