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Terms and Expressions

Here are important terms and expressions when your cooking or baking in the kitchen:

  • cutting board (noun): a flat piece of wood or plastic to cut on
  • stir (verb): to mix something around. When you make stir fry you are stirring vegetables and meat in hot oil.
  • simmer (verb): to cook slowly with low heat. After you cook a dish, you might let it simmer for sometime.
  • recipe (noun): instructions on how to cook food. Now, many recipes can be found online. Still, many are kept in recipe books. Do you have family recipes that you share?
  • ingredients (noun): food items you use to cook something. When you bake cookies, ingredients may include sugar, flour, butter, and chocolate chips.
  • measure (verb): to get the amount of ingredients you need. In the United States, we use cups and tablespoons in recipes.
  • package (noun): a box or bag. We can buy a package of uncooked pasta to keep in our kitchen.
  • liquid (noun): anything that flows or moves like water. Fresh juice and soup are liquids.
  • pour (verb): to move a liquid or very small things (like cereal or rice) from one container to another.
  • frozen (adjective): so cold that it is hard. In the grocery store, there are aisles for frozen desserts, pizzas, and vegetables.
  • thaw (verb): to change from frozen to the temperature of the room. If you want to cook a frozen turkey, you need to let it thaw on the counter for many hours.
  • fresh (adjective): new, recently grown or caught; not frozen or canned. Do you like ordering fresh fish at a restaurant, like salmon?