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Terms and Expressions

Talking about Homes

Here are important terms and expressions when you talk about homes.

  • rent (noun): the money you pay each month for the place you live in. Rent can be very expensive in Los Angeles!
  • deposit (noun): money paid to keep something for you. Usually you need to “put down a security deposit” before you rent a place. After a year, if you have left no damages, you will get the money back.
  • application (noun): a written request for something (job, Visa, university, apartment).
  • location (noun): an area where a place is. When you meet others for dinner, you might ask for a friend to text the restaurant location.
  • suburbs (noun): out of the city (where families usually live). Pasadena is an example of a suburb.
  • utilities (noun): gas, electricity, wifi, water and cable. Some homes include utilities in the rent price. Others charge you extra each month.
  • live alone (idiom): to live with no one; to live by yourself . If you live alone, you can choose to live in one space, a studio. Any visitor can see your bed as soon as you open the door!
  • roommate (noun): a person not part of your family whom you live with. We can also say housemate. Do you have any roommates or do you stay with family?
  • split (verb): to share something equally. You can split the utilities among your roommates. You can also split the bill at a restaurant.
  • save (verb): to not use or waste; to keep for a later time (food, money, time…). You have to save money every month to pay rent.
  • neighbor (noun): a person who lives in a place next to yours (or very close by). Do you know your neighbors?
  • parking (noun): a place you leave your car. Parking can be quite difficult in Koreatown!