Unit 1: This is English Grammar
Unit 3: What is it?
Unit 4: CAN YOU DO IT?
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Unit 1 Review

Do the following exercises.

A. Look around your room. Choose three things that are close and three things that are away from you. Write “This Is/These Are/That Is/Those Are” sentences.

Examples: This is / These are: This is a desktop computer. That is / Those: Those are dirty clothes.

  1. This is / These are:
  2. This is / These are:
  3. This is / These are:
  4. That is / Those are:
  5. That is / Those are:
  6. That is / Those are:

B. Correct the errors. Identify the mistake in the sentence and write the corrected sentence next to it.

Example: That is not an map —> That is not a map.

1. This are shoes:
2. There are not a desk in my room:
3. That isn’t a orange:
4. Is there students outside?:
5. Those are apple:
6. Is that an desk?:
7. How many bikes is there in the garage?: 8. Are this pencils?:
9. There are a volcano in my hometown:
10. That are dogs:

C. Look at the sentences below. Choose the correct sentence for each number. The first one is done for you.

D. Complete the charts below with the correct information.

Be + these/those + ObjectYes/No + “they” + be + “not”
_________ these trucks?Yes, they are.
Are these cats?No, they are _________.
Are those cars?Yes, _________ are.
Are those bikes?No, _________ _________________.
Be + “there” + “a/an” + NounYes/No + “there” + be + “not”
Is _________ a computer?No, there _________.
Is there _____ post office?_________, there is.
_________ there people?No, there aren’t.
Are there snacks?Yes, _________ _________.

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