Unit 1 - The Golden State
Unit 2 - I like the Nightlife
Unit 3 - Vegas, Baby!
Unit 4 - Here's to Your Health!
Unit 5 - It's All Good in Hollywood
Unit 6 - Fixing Stuff
Unit 7 - Food, Fast!
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Read and Listen

Listen to the conversation and read along.

Dad: Hi, everyone. I’m back!
Kid: Yay!!! Daddy’s home, and he brought hamburgers! I like hamburgers!
Mom: Hi, dear. Did you forget I don’t like hamburgers?
Dad: I did not forget. Here’s a chicken combo for you.
Mom: Thanks, sweetie. [bag rustling sound] Uh, there’s a burger in here.
Dad: Oh no! They always mess up what you order in the drive-thru.
Mom: It’s okay. I’ll eat it. Fast food is cheap, convenient, and it makes feeding the family a piece of cake. But you get what you pay for.
Dad: Well, the kid is pleased and that’s a good thing.
Mom: I know. But something’s missing. [bag rustling sound]
Dad: There is — nothing to clean up. Perfect, right?
Kid: Daddy! There’s no toy with my meal. I want my prize! I want it! I want it!!
Mom: Perfect?
Dad: [sigh] I’ll be back.