Unit 1 - The Golden State
Unit 2 - I like the Nightlife
Unit 3 - Vegas, Baby!
Unit 4 - Here's to Your Health!
Unit 5 - It's All Good in Hollywood
Unit 6 - Fixing Stuff
Unit 7 - Food, Fast!
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Terms & Expressions in Context

Listen to the dialogue and fill in the blanks with one of the words or expressions

Woman: I am really nervous about my second ________ with that guy. He’s
so ________.
Friend: In my ________, you’re very good-looking, too!
Woman: Aww, thanks. But I’m ________ not feeling pretty right now.
Friend: ________. Why not?
Woman: My clothes aren’t very ________. And I think I gained some
Friend: I can’t ________. Well, if you did, it’s easy to fix. Let’s go clothes
shopping! Trying on new clothes is exercise, right?
Woman: Excellent idea! That’s why you’re my best friend.

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