Unit 8 - Let The Music Play
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Unit 10 - Date Night
Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
Unit 12 - Pets
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Listen and Read

Listen to the dialogue and read along.

Bradley: Grandpa, look what I got. A new puppy!
Grandpa: Good for you. But remember, there are a lot of responsibilities with owning a puppy. Did you pick a veterinarian yet?
Bradley: What’s that?
Grandpa: A person who helps sick animals.
Bradley: But he’s not sick.
Grandpa: He should still have a checkup to make sure everything’s okay. May I pet him?
Bradley: Go ahead, grandpa. He’s very friendly. [bark/bite sound]
Grandpa: Hey! He just tried to bite me. I thought you said he was friendly?
Bradley: He is, to me.
[bark bark bark]
Bradley: [over barking] He likes to bark, too! I know how to make him stop: feed him. Then he’s too busy to bark.
Grandpa: Well, don’t feed him too much. It’s not good for his health. Do you know that you have to bathe him?
Bradley: I have to wash him?
Grandpa: Of course. Wash him every two weeks, and be careful soap doesn’t sting his eyes.
Bradley: Thanks, grandpa. You’re a big help.
Grandpa: Any time, Bradley.
Bradley: Really? Can you take him outside now while I play video games?