Unit 8 - Let The Music Play
Unit 9 - Let's Go!
Unit 10 - Date Night
Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
Unit 12 - Pets
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Listen and Read

Listen and read along to the following dialogue.

Mom: It took 2 hours, but finally, we are here at Dreamland.
Son: (yawning) It didn’t feel that long.
Mom: That’s because you were asleep for the whole drive.
Son: Well, I’m awake now and ready for fun. I’ll meet you back at the entrance in eight hours.
Mom: Huh? How come we’re splitting up?
Son: Because we like different things.
Mom: You think I, your old mom, won’t be interested in roller coasters?
Son: That’s right, I don’t.
Mom: Then, let’s go. Don’t fall behind and don’t complain if I’m going too fast. Either catch up or go back to sleep! It’s mama’s birthday today!