Introducing Vocabulary

The words below are in the passage “Friends of the Earth.”

  • Scan through the passage to find out what part of speech (P.S.) the words and phrases are.
  • Read just the part of the passage to help you match the word with the correct definition. Do not use your dictionary!
1. environment
2. pollute
3. displays
4. products
5. injured
6. humans
7. stars
8. garbage
9. attempt
10. bring attention to

____ a. to make the environment dirty
____ b. people
____ c. hurt
____ d. try to do something
____ e. trash; waste
____ f. the natural world (such as land, air and water)
____ g. something to show people an idea or product
____ h. things that people buy or sell
____ i. famous people in acting, music, or sports
____ j. make people see, hear or think something
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