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Exercise 1 – Reading & Listening Comprehension

Listen to the first dialogue and read along. Then do the activity for comprehension.

Dad: Grab your cleats and let’s go, sweetie! Practice starts soon.
Lizzie: I’m ready.
Dad: Uh, do all your dolls have to come with us?
Lizzie: Yes. They cheer me on.
Dad: Okay, okay. Load everybody into the van. Let’s Buckle you in with the seatbelt.
Lizzie: Can we listen to the CD?
Dad: Again? Er… well… I don’t think it’s here in the…
Lizzie: Mommy hid it right there.
Dad: Oh, so she did — wedged between the seats… Smart mommy… How about instead we listen to daddy’s music? It’s good to expose you to all types.
Lizzie: Does daddy’s music have beautiful princesses in it?
Dad: No, I don’t think so… Let’s just talk. Tell me about daycare.
Lizzie: It is really, really, really great!
Dad: Well, that’s really, really, really great to hear.
Lizzie: …but Dummy Denny’s not great.
Dad: Who?
Lizzie: Dummy Denny. He’s a boy. I really, really, really don’t like him. He keeps trying to be my friend.
Dad: Wait… what? What’s wrong with him wanting to be your buddy?
Lizzie: Because he’s dumb. I tell him that so he’ll go away.
Dad: Lizzy, are you being a bully?
Lizzie: I don’t know.
Dad: Are you picking on him?
Lizzie: Maybe.
Dad: Then you’re being a bully. All he wants is to be your friend. Give him a break. He sounds like a good kid. Will you promise me that you’ll try to be nicer?
Lizzie: Maybe.
Dad: No, Lizzie. I need you to give me your word that you will try to be nicer to Dummy… I mean, Denny.
Lizzie: Ok. I will.
Dad: Good girl. I’ll pack an extra snack in your lunch so you can give it to him tomorrow. Well, we’re at practice… Sweetie? Aren’t your cleats pink?
Lizzie: Yes, daddy.
Dad: What color are those?
Lizzie: Brown.
Dad: Then we have to go back. You have your brother’s cleats