Unit 8 - Let The Music Play
Unit 9 - Let's Go!
Unit 10 - Date Night
Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
Unit 12 - Pets
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Complete the Dialogue

Fill in the blanks with the terms and expressions from the box. Write the answers in your notebook

  1. There’s a doorman at the ________ of this club.
  2. If we ________, we can do our food shopping faster.
  3. I’m still reading page 13, but the rest of the class is on page 46. I’ll never
  4. The tired dog was ________ when the bad guy came into the house last
  5. Don’t ________ so much. You sound like an unhappy person.
  6. How long of a ________ is it to Big Sur, California from here?
  7. ________ you ask so many questions?
  8. She studies very hard in class because she doesn’t want to ________.
  9. This ________ is too fast for little children.
  10. Barbara. Barbara. Are you ________? I can’t sleep.

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