Unit 8 - Let The Music Play
Unit 9 - Let's Go!
Unit 10 - Date Night
Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
Unit 12 - Pets
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Complete the Dialogue

Listen to the dialogue. Fill in the blanks with the words and expressions from the chart below.

Man: Uh-oh.
Woman: What’s wrong.
Man: I’m _______ to tell you.
Woman: Tell me!
Man: (sigh) I left the TV on.
Woman: Again? Don’t I always _______ you not to do that?
Man: I’m sorry. I was trying to _______ the volume for you.
Woman: For me?
Man: Yeah, I _______ the TV volume because you were talking on the
phone. I didn’t want to _______ you.
Woman: Well, the only _______ is to go back and turn it off. And you,
mister!!… are not _ any ___________. Thanks for thinking of me.

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