Unit 1 Activities Around L.A.
Unit 2 - Weird Beliefs
Unit 3 - Celebrities Have Problems Too?
Unit 4 - The Roaring Twenties
Unit 5 - Holidays
Unit 6 - What is it REALLY about?
Unit 7 - Doing Good
Unit 8 - Your Health
Unit 9 - Car Advice
Unit 10 - By Land & Sea
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9.2.5 Building Vocabulary

Learning Compound Nouns

In this unit, you learned the compound nounsspeed limit,” “toll road” and “tow truck.Compound nouns are special phrases where two nouns or an adjective and a noun go together.

The compound nouns below were in the reading passage. Match each compound noun with its definition. If you’re not sure of a word, find it in the reading and look at the context.

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