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9.1.4 Reading Skill Practice

Reading Skill: Quotations and Paraphrases

Sometimes authors use other people’s ideas in their writing. This can be done in two ways: quoting and paraphrasing.

Quotation marks “………”) are used when you say or write exactly what a person has said or written. Paraphrasing is expressing what somebody has said or written using different words.

Here is an example of a quotation from the second paragraph of the story: My dad told me, “First, don’t go to a car dealership without knowing exactly what you want.”
Here is an example of a paraphrase from the second
paragraph in the story: …my dad suggests that you make a list of the things
you absolutely need in a car.
Scan the passage to find the quotations and paraphrases.
Underline each quotation and paraphrase.
• Why do you think the author sometimes quoted and other times paraphrased?

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