1.1.4 Reading for Comprehension

Click the audio to listen to your teacher read the passage. Read along, and pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the new words. Then, read the passage aloud again and answer the questions that follow.

Welcome to Language Systems International (LSI)

My name is Janet. I am a teacher at Language Systems in Torrance. I teach students from all over the world. The students come from many countries. For example, there are students in my class from Japan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. The students study English at Language Systems. They want to speak English better. On the first day of class, all students find their classroom. There is a teacher in the classroom. The teacher writes his or her name on the whiteboard. The teacher uses colored markers to write on the whiteboard. The markers are red, green, blue, and black. Some teachers use purple and yellow markers too. Students choose a desk. Some students want to sit close to the teacher. They choose a desk in the front of the classroom. Some students want to sit far from the teacher. They choose a desk in the back of the classroom. Students bring their textbooks to class every day. At Language Systems, we have textbooks for grammar, listening and reading. It’s important to buy the textbook for every class. Without the textbooks, it is hard to study. Some students bring dictionaries to class. Dictionaries help you learn new words at home, but don’t use them in class. Try to guess the word or ask your teacher to explain the word. The teacher is happy to help you learn English!