Unit 1 Activities Around L.A.
Unit 2 - Weird Beliefs
Unit 3 - Celebrities Have Problems Too?
Unit 4 - The Roaring Twenties
Unit 5 - Holidays
Unit 6 - What is it REALLY about?
Unit 7 - Doing Good
Unit 8 - Your Health
Unit 9 - Car Advice
Unit 10 - By Land & Sea
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3.2.3 Reading for Comprehension

Use context clues and read for fluency.

Carefully read the following passage one time only. Use context clues to guess the meaning of words you don’t know – don’t stop and look up words. After you read, try to complete the Comprehension Questions without looking back at the passage.

Now that you have practiced your reading skills, Fluency and Context Clues, answer the following questions about the reading. Write in complete sentences. Don’t look back!

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