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3.1.5 Building Vocabulary

Phrases Related to Movies

In this unit, you read about the movies. Below you will read some vocabulary words that are related to movies.

Read the phrases to understand their meaning

The movie was a hitThe movie was very successful, popular.
The movie bombedThe movie was not good.
It is a feel-good movieThe movie makes you feel good.
The trailer was interestingTrailer is the short summary of the movie to give you an idea what it is about.
I have a hard time understanding the dialogue without the subtitlesa hard time ” means to have difficulty with something
subtitles are the words that you see at the bottom of the screen when you watch tv or a movie.

Fill in the blanks with the vocabulary words in the box.

a hitbombedfeel-good
hard time understanding subtitlestrailer

John: Hi Mary, did you see Drew Barrymore’s new movie? Mary: No, I didn’t but I saw the _____________________ and it didn’t look very good. I heard the movie ________________________. John: Well, I saw it . I had _______________________________ and I needed to read the subtitles, but I really liked the movie. I was a _____________ movie. I felt really happy after I saw it.

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