2. Complete the Sentences – When

Complete the sentences with one past progressive verb and one simple past verb. Remember to write the be verb.


Jess (study) was studying English when someone (knock) knocked on the door.

1. Nell and Annie (eat) __________ dinner when their son (call) __________.

2. I (use) __________ my laptop when the electricity (go out) __________.

3. She (get) __________ money from the ATM machine when it (break) __________.

4. I (sit) __________ in class when my brother (text) __________ me.

5. When the doorbell (ring) __________, we (have) __________ lunch.

6. We (make) __________ lunch when the stove (catch) __________ on fire.

7. He (play) __________ on his phone when he (drop) __________ it.

8. When I (hear) __________ the fire alarm, I (type) __________ on the computer.

9. They (work) __________ in the garden when it (start) __________ to rain.

10. When Emily (see) __________ the eagle, she (hike) __________ in the forest.