2. Complete the Sentences: Positive / Negative Be

Complete the sentences with the correct be verb: am, is, are, am not, isn’t, aren’t

  1. Yuki __________ excited to see the movie. She loves scary movies.
  2. We __________ exercising. We’re resting.
  3. It __________ cold today. It’s hot.
  4. Her eyes __________ brown. They are blue.
  5. Abdullah and Natalia __________ eating. They aren’t studying.
  6. Claudia __________ Brazilian. She’s Colombian.
  7. They __________ with their grandparents. They’re not at home.
  8. It __________ a very colorful parrot. It is red, yellow, blue, and green.
  9. I don’t understand my homework. It __________ very difficult.
  10. My bedroom __________ clean. It’s messy.
  11. I __________ a doctor. I’m a nurse.
  12. The toys __________ in the living room. They are in the children’s room.
  13. Raul __________ my cousin. He is my brother.
  14. They __________ studying. They are not sleeping.
  15. I __________ twenty years old. I’m not twenty-one.