Unit 6 Advertising
Unit 7 - Relationships
Unit 8 - Review of Units 5 - 7
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Unit 11- This Weekend
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11 – Listening Comprehension

Review the terms and expressions and their meaning. Then do the exercise that follows:

Term & ExpressionMeaning
bail ______ outhelp
come up withthink of
keep ______ fingers crossedwish for good luck
lend a handhelp us with something
short and sweetno too long and good
slogancompany ad line

A) Listen to the dialogue again, and answer the following questions.

B.) Listen to the next dialogue between Ned, Tim and Sue. Then answer the questions below.

C.) In the previous exercise, there were three new terms and expressions in bold. Listen to the dialogue again and try to identify them. Write them in the spaces below, and then try to use context clues around the new terms and expressions to find their meaning in the dialogue. Write the meaning next to each term or expression.

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