Unit 1: This is English Grammar
Unit 3: What is it?
Unit 4: CAN YOU DO IT?
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9 – Dialogue: Listen and Complete

A. Listen to the dialogue. Complete the dialogue with the words from the box.  Then do Part B.

Sara: Hello?
Don: Sara, help me! I am lost!
Sara: Don? Where are you?
Don: I do not know. There _____ a coffee shop here.
Sara: Is there a night club next to the coffee shop?
Don: Yes. _____ are two night clubs next to the coffee shop. 
Sara: Two night clubs? Hmmm, how ______ coffee shops are there?
Don: One. Uhh...oh, wait, no. There are three coffee shops. 
Sara: Three coffee shops? Are you in the downtown area?
Don: Yes, and there are not ____ trees here.
Sara: _____ there any restaurants near you?
Don: Hmmm, there is a restaurant in a hotel. And there is ______ bank next to the hotel.
Sara: Hmph. Are there two giant egg statues by the hotel?
Don: Uh, yes. There are. _____ are big statues. 
Sara: Ok, ______ is the Oxford Hotel! See you soon!

B. Listen to the dialogue again. Answer True or False for each sentence below.

Sentences True or False
1. There are three coffee shops. True False
2. There is one night club. True False
3. There is a bank in the hotel. True False
4. There is a restaurant. True False
5. There are two egg statues. True False

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