1. Unscramble the Sentences & Questions

A. Unscramble the words to make a statement or question with may. Each sentence has been started for you


[.] / snow / Sunday / may/ on / it

It may snow on Sunday.

  1. [?] /restroom/ I /use/ may /the ___May___________________________________________________
  2. [.] /smoke /you /not /may /here /in __You_____________________________________________________
  3. [.] /Frankie /us /come /may / San Diego /to /with __Frankie_________________________________________________
  4. [?] eraser /your /may /borrow /I __May_____________________________________________________
  5. [.] and /may /Laura /school /to /Peter /tomorrow /not/ go

__Laura and___________________________________________________

6. [?] I /a /have /bite /cake /your /may /of


7. [.] class /phones /cell /not /in /may /you /use


8. [.] go /to /doesn’t /it /beach /rain /may /we /if /the