Unit 1 Activities Around L.A.
Unit 2 - Weird Beliefs
Unit 3 - Celebrities Have Problems Too?
Unit 4 - The Roaring Twenties
Unit 5 - Holidays
Unit 6 - What is it REALLY about?
Unit 7 - Doing Good
Unit 8 - Your Health
Unit 9 - Car Advice
Unit 10 - By Land & Sea
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1.2.6 Review

In Unit 1, you learned the following words. Before you take your quiz, see if you can remember all of them.

Vocabulary words from the reading passages:

specificexact, the one we are discussing in detail
to includeto have as a part of a larger thing
peakthe top of a mountain
free timeminutes or hours that can be used for fun or relaxation
accessoriesthings like earrings, bags, gloves
to purchaseto buy
energeticable to be very active
whereverany place
climatethe weather in an area
Fahrenehitthe United States’ measurement for temperature
hardlyalmost none
to treasureto care about, to love
borderthe line that separates a country from another one
pioneera person who is one of the first to do something
short cuta way that should be faster and shorter
oasisa place in the deser with water , so things can grow
ghost towncommunity with buildings where nobody lives now
landscapea view across a large area including hills, forests or fields
valleythe low area between mountains

Wh-word+ever words:

Commonly confused words:

desertdry hot land
dessertsomething sweet to eat after dinner
weaknot strong
week7 days is equal to 1 week
weatherthe climate
they’rethey are (contraction)
thereplace or location
It is too hot in the desert.
to direction, Mary walks to the store
twonumber 2, John has two cats

After you have reviewed the vocabulary words, continue to take your Unit Quiz below.