Unit 7: The Apartment
Unit 8: 5-7 Review
Unit 9: The Five Senses
Unit 10: Let's Eat
Unit 11: Around the House
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Unit 9 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • What our five senses are
  • How to talk about sound and noise
  • How to talk about what we look at
  • How to talk about what food tastes like
  • How to talk about the way things feel

We also learned new vocabulary, heard dialogues that involve sound and taste, and practiced pronunciation. We now know how to use “looks like” and “sounds like” in conversation.

Let’s complete some review activities.

Something Smells

Come up with 2 smells that would be at the following places:

What’s On the Menu

Your friend wants to have a party and asks you to make food that is sweet, salty, and sour. What would you include on the menu? Would you add beverages or dessert?

Delicious or Not

Which of these foods do you think are delicious?

blue cheeseanchoviespork

Name that Sense

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