Unit 6 Advertising
Unit 7 - Relationships
Unit 8 - Review of Units 5 - 7
Unit 9 - On the Phone
Unit 10 - Crime
Unit 11- This Weekend
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Unit 9 – Review

Review the terms and expressions from part 1 & 2.

to be into be there
to be of assistancehelpful
to be outto not be there
to get into arrive
to leave for the dayto go home and not return
on the other linetalking to someone else
to put throughto send a call to a person/department
to reachto contact
so longgoodbye
to step outto leave for a moment
tied upbusy
Word & Expression/PhraseMeaning
at _____ earliest convenienceas soon as possible
beepan electronic sound that is usually short and loud
can come to the phoneavailable to speak
disconnectednot linked
to get a chanceto have the time to do something
to get back to someoneto return someone’s call
to give someone a ringto call someone
in serviceworking
numberic pagea text message that contains only a phone number
occupiedbusy with something else