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Unit 7 Review

Fast Food Combos

Imagine you own a fast food restaurant. What kind of food would you serve?

In your notebook, create four different combos. Make two of them healthy and two of them un-healthy.

Example: Combo A would have two tacos, a burrito & a soda. Combo B would have a salad, a banana & a bottle of water.


Who encouraged you the most to study another language? What did they say? Write your answers in a notebook.

Making Time

You want to do the following things, but your day is already pretty busy. Imagine if you added each individually. What could you do to make time to do them. Think of ways to shorten current things in your day to let you add these to it. Write your answers in a notebook.

Example: If I wanted to exercise for 1 hour, I could make time by spending less time on the internet.

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