Unit 7: The Apartment
Unit 8: 5-7 Review
Unit 9: The Five Senses
Unit 10: Let's Eat
Unit 11: Around the House
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Unit 7 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • What kinds of homes we can live in
  • How to discuss renting a new home
  • What our homes look like and how to keep them neat
  • Whom we live with
  • How to take care of utilities and bills

We also learned new vocabulary, heard dialogues that involve choosing a new home and looking at options, and practiced pronunciation. We now know the difference between “have to” and “don’t have to”.

Let’s complete some review activities.

Living Away from Home

When did you first live in another home or country, away from family? Write 3 things that were different and 3 things that were the same living away from your family (If you are away from family for the first time, then talk about the present!)

Here is an example:

When I went to college in Philadelphia, I had to make my own dinner, do my own laundry, and could go to sleep when I wanted.

I still had to wake up and get ready for school, shower every day, and communicate with my family (just not as often!).

The Perfect Roommate

Take out your notebook and describe your perfect roommate. What should they do to be perfect? What about you? Are you the perfect roommate?

Have To/Don’t Have To

Write 4 sentences to answer these questions…

What is one thing each of these people HAVE TO do?

  1. an 8-year-old child
  2. a father

What is one thing each of these people DON’T HAVE TO do?

  1. a grandmother
  2. a teacher

Suggestions: An 8-year-old child has to listen to his or her parents. A father has to take care of his children. A grandmother doesn’t have to wear diapers. A teacher doesn’t have to make her students dinner every night.


Take out your notebook. Listen to the following five sentences that will be dictated to you. You will hear each sentence 3 times. Write down what you hear. Pay attention to capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

*Click on “Next >” at the bottom left of the page to check your sentences