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Unit 6 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways to talk about getting around Los Angeles!

  • What vehicles we use to travel
  • How to talk about using vehicles to get places
  • Terms and expression needed to give and receive directions
  • Learned common verbs to talk about travel
  • Looked at schedules and maps

We also heard dialogues and practiced pronunciation.

Let’s complete some review activities:


Ask family and friends about how they get to work (possibly before COVID-19). What vehicles do they use? Do they hit traffic usually?

Metro Acts

Write down five things metro passengers usually do? (For example: texting)


Think about it…

What is your favorite vehicle to travel on close by vacations. For example, would you prefer driving to the Grand Canyon or getting on an airplane?

What is your favorite Los Angeles destination via a car?

What is your favorite form of public transportation: bus or metro?

Have you been to NYC? If so, do you like the subway better than the LA metro system?