Unit 1 - The Golden State
Unit 2 - I like the Nightlife
Unit 3 - Vegas, Baby!
Unit 4 - Here's to Your Health!
Unit 5 - It's All Good in Hollywood
Unit 6 - Fixing Stuff
Unit 7 - Food, Fast!
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Unit 4 Review


What is a personal goal you want to do for this week? This year? In the next five years? In the next 10 years? Before you die? (Write your answers in your notebook)

*Answers will vary


Trainers usually help people exercise. But maybe you could use a trainer for other things in your life. What other ways could a “trainer” help you? (Write your answers in your notebook).

Example: A trainer would be great to help me when I’m singing karaoke. He or she could make sure I sing the songs correctly.

…Wouldn’t be caught dead…

Match the following beginning statements from these people with the most appropriate ending.

Click “Next” on the bottom left page for answer key.

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