Unit 1 - The Golden State
Unit 2 - I like the Nightlife
Unit 3 - Vegas, Baby!
Unit 4 - Here's to Your Health!
Unit 5 - It's All Good in Hollywood
Unit 6 - Fixing Stuff
Unit 7 - Food, Fast!
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Unit 3 Review

Answer the following questions in a notebook.

What Did/Didn’t You Bring?

What stuff did you bring with you to the US? What stuff did you want to bring but didn’t?

*Answers will vary


Can you think of all staff that works at a hotel? A restaurant? What about a casino?

*Sample Answers: front desk clerks, cleaning staff, servers, casino ‘hosts’ etc.


Which of the following requests for help do you think you would use the term “suggestion” and “recommendation”? Remember “recommendation” is used for more serious or important situations.

Click “Next” on the bottom left page for the answer key.

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