Unit 2 - Travel
Unit 3 - Money ,Money, Money
Unit 4 Eating Out
Unit 5 Reaching Beyond One’s Limits
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Unit 2 Final Quiz

  1. Is this an {authentic} Gucci purse? I don’t want to buy a fake one by mistake.
  2. I got front-row tickets for the concert next week. I’ve been waiting months for this show; I’m so {enthusiatic}about going to see it!
  3. When they are not in the air, airplanes are kept in a {structure} called a hangar.
  4. Having enough money with us will {ensure}that we have a good vacation.
  5. The new Mark Rothko exhibit at the museum is fantastic. The artist’s use of color and shape is absolutely {stunning}. These paintings are his most beautiful.
  6. The car was in {working }condition until my brother crashed it into a tree.
  7. The library is at the corner of Torrance Blvd. and Madrona Ave. It is
    {adjacent}to the public swimming building.
  8. Before Steve went on his trip, he asked his travel agent for an {itinerary} of what he was going to do in Italy.
  9. I don’t like driving along the coast because the roads are steep and {winding}.
  10. There were a lot of preparations to finish before the wedding in the afternoon. The entire family {arose} at 6:00 A.M. to make sure everything was ready.
  11. The new movie starring Bruce Willis is fantastic! I think it’s a {must-see} for anyone who likes action movies.
  12. When I am in Paris, I love to window shop in the {boutiques} along the
    Champs D’Lysee, a popular street for tourists.
  13. I woke up late and didn’t have time to eat breakfast before work. We were really busy at work and I missed lunch as well. I’m so {famished}, I feel like I could eat a horse.
  14. There was a traffic jam on the north 405 freeway this morning, but the
    {southbound} side was clear, and the cars were moving quickly.
  15. Jack is new to the area and hasn’t found a job yet, so he plans to
    {roam} around town for the next few days and see the local sights.
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