Unit 7: The Apartment
Unit 8: 5-7 Review
Unit 9: The Five Senses
Unit 10: Let's Eat
Unit 11: Around the House
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Unit 11 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • How to discuss plumbing in our homes
  • How to repair clothes
  • Tools we use to fix furniture and hang up wall decorations

We also learned new vocabulary through illustrations, heard dialogues that involve solving problems in the house, and practiced pronunciation.

Let’s do some review activities…

Tool Time

Here are three problems. Which tools would you use to fix the problem? Have you had to fix these at home before?

answers: 1)hammer, 2) screwdriver, 3) plunger

Hole Problems

Have you ever had holes in your clothing, backpacks, or purses and didn’t realize? Did you ever lose coins or other small items? Also, it’s interesting that today many jeans have holes in them…you would think they were less expensive because it’s less material!